How can you Partner

Be a prayer supporter - we can send you monthly prayer needs.

Become a sponsor for a child in our hostel - Rs.3000/- can cover one child's foods and educational requirements.(excluding medicine,clothes etc.)

Become a sponsor for the destitute and disable.

Sponsor our staffs - right now non have any financial support.

Be a fundraiser for us - we need funds for the building projects.

Come and volunteer in our works - we need people to help with the hostel children, for Income Generation projects, and to help with destitute people.

Your support can be send for one time, monthly or in any form, in cash or in kind.

For financial contributions:

Helping hands charitable trust

Sherpatar Rai Gaon

P.O Lava, Pin Code.734319

Dist-Kalimpong, W.B India.

(Local account within India)

A/c No:914010010040853

Axis Bank of India.

For Foreign contribution:

A/C No:914010010019561

Axis Bank Of India.(FCRA)